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joi, 14 iulie 2016

Touch screen Commander ptr. SDRuno & CubicSDR

  Un alt proiect de controller extern pentru SDR, de data aceasta cu un display touch screen, momentan de 3.5"

 Evident, se poate adapta si pentru alte softuri de SDR

73 !!!

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Miguel spunea...

Hola YO2LDK, he visto el vídeo y estoy interesado en estudiar el código para intentar hacerme un controlador para SDR, si es posible me lo puede mandar, y si no, ayudarme con los códigos que se envian al pc para el manejo de los programas. Gracias de antemano. Mi EMAIL es midecabo@gmail.com

yo2ldk spunea...

Hi Miguel,

This display send serial commands to PC who control the SDR software.
all can be done with Nextion editor software :


and for control of software you need to find on each, the shortcuts key, to send that code

Miguel spunea...

Hola YO2LDK, gracias por la respuesta, lo que me interesa son los códigos que se envían al sdruno, he estado buscando y no los encuentro

yo2ldk spunea...

Key: Function: Scope:
A - a Select AM rx mode VRX
S - s Select SAM rx mode VRX
F - f Select FM rx mode VRX
C - c Select CW rx mode VRX
D - d Select DSB rx mode VRX
L - l Select LSB rx mode VRX
U - u Select USB rx mode VRX
E - e Select User rx mode VRX
N - n Select NFM rx FM sub-mode VRX
M - m Select MFM rx FM sub-mode VRX
W - w Select WFM rx FM sub-mode VRX
O - o Select SWFM rx FM sub-mode VRX
T - t Toggle Rx/Tx mode(4) VRX
SPACE Starts direct frequency input seq. VRX
Enter Closes direct frequency input seq. VRX
ESC Aborts direct frequency input seq. VRX
CTRL+F Show/hide the files pane Memory Panel
CTRL+S Store enabled VRX to memory location (same as STORE
Memory Panel
Ins Inserts a new row after the current Memory Panel
Del Deletes the current row Memory Panel
F2 Starts editing the current cell Memory Panel
CTRL+S Store specific VRX to memory location VRX
* Starts IQ file recording Instance(1)
H - h Shows the ExtIO panel (if loaded) Instance(1)
B - b Shows the Memory Panel window Instance
Arrows- Change frequency by step size VRX

Miguel spunea...

Gracias por la información

Arie Nvt spunea...

Dear YO2LDK,

My name is Arie PE1RZF from the Netherlands.

I really like your projects!

I want to experiment with the Nextion display controlling SDRUNO.

I have worked before with the Nextion display but how did you connect it to the PC? true RS232 or USB?

And i have seen the keyboard commands for SDRUNO but do you have a example for a key? just how i send the command to SDRUNO?

I hope you can direct me in the right direction.

Kind regards

73 Pe1RZF

yo2ldk spunea...

Hi Arie,

Nextion is connected to RS232, via USB adapter with CP2104
Hope this help you!
my best 73 !

Arie Nvt spunea...

Dear YO2LDK,

I am struggling with the nextion command.

Can you send me a example?

One example to put me in the right direction.

Kind regards


yo2ldk spunea...


you need to send serial commands for SDRuno like in shortcuts keys list
For example, USB button from my experiment when push it, send "u" letter via RS232.
For that, in HMI file from Nextion editor, create a button.,then, in touch press event, put this:
printh 55
now, when you press usb button, that send hex command for u letter
for LSB command is printh 4C and so on...

good luck!

Arie Nvt spunea...

Thank you!

this helps a lot.

kind regards